Memoirs of the Duchesse de Dino: 1841-1850

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Page 279 - Europe, they left every where, as a trace of their passage, the destruction of feudal abuses, and the germs of liberty ; it shall not be said that in 1849 a French -army could have acted differently or produced other results. " Tell the general to thank the army in my name for its noble conduct.
Page 278 - Rome to trample on Italian liberty, but, on the contrary, to regulate it, to preserve it from its own excesses, and to give it a solid basis, by restoring to his throne the prince who had put himself so boldly at the head of all useful reforms.
Page 117 - ... and rice flour; luscious bananas, and coffee of native growth. All of the food was well prepared, very palatable and nicely served. For the dancing, the orchestra and the town brass band alternated in playing; beer and cigars were served, Philippine etiquette permitting smoking at all such functions. The party did not break up until two o'clock in the morning, when our wagon rattled its way homeward to Solano by moonlight, while the occupants sang "I Was Seeing Nellie Home
Page 33 - In view of the want of principle that characterised the eighteenth century, the one safeguard for the individual was the yoke imposed by society with its customs and demands. If one were ever so little outside that circle, there was no check, and imagination carried people very far and very low.
Page 232 - I do not assert that he is absolutely radical, but his liberalism is of a very advanced type and at Berlin he is thought to be urging the Princess of Prussia along the path which she does not always follow with sufficient prudence.
Page 28 - Queen; their sons, the Duc de Nemours, the Prince de Joinville and the Duc d'Aumale and their wives; and their daughter, Princess Clementine, and her husband, Prince Augustus of Saxe-Coburg.
Page 160 - Recamier, who cannot speak in consequence of a neuralgic affection in her face. She wears a perpetual smile which is somewhat wearying.
Page 178 - Do not talk to me of a country where every one I saw wanted to sell me his dog.
Page 138 - I am enjoying it infinitely, and with the more satisfaction because my belief in him is as complete as my pleasure is real. He is upright, trustworthy and kind to such an extent that he can be entirely relied upon.
Page 278 - NET, — The French Republic has not sent an army to Rome to crush Italian liberty, but on the contrary to regularise it by saving it from its own excesses...

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