Resurrection: Revenge of Zeeka Book 5

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Independently Published, Feb 18, 2017 - 105 pages
Resurrection: Revenge of Zeeka Book 5 is the grand finale in the mind-boggling five-book Science fiction series Revenge of Zeeka.The book can be read as a standalone.Someone resurrected and it is not Zeeka.Mandy's robot helper, Eve, encounters a stranger in the backyard?He claims to know Zeeka.They have a conversation.When he learns that Eve is a robot, he tells her his story.Eve promises to keep their discussion a secret but can she?She records the conversation on her security device until she decides to play it for Steven and Mandy.The stranger collapses in the backyard with an epileptic fit and Eve alerts the Gosh hospital.Tests and records reveal the stranger's identity.Police records show that he died in the Carnival massacre in 2036, but did he?Steven faces opposition to launch his greatest invention of the century.Who will be the first volunteer to test it?Extract from a review.'While the series started with possible abuse of medical technology, the last book leaves us hopeful that technology can one day serve us better than most of us can imagine.'[ Amazon Reviewer]

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In an entertaining conclusion to the Zeeka series, Resurrection brings the story full circle. If you haven’t read any of the stories in the series, it’s worth starting with book one ‘Revenge of Zeeka’ just to see the author evolve alongside the story and her characters.
For me, the high point of the series was this book’s predecessor, Zeeka’s Ghost, but then, as a reader I do like ghost stories and this paranormal element was handled well in book four.
This final installment is quite surprising as it brings back the rather disturbing character of Nine from book one. Nine is on a mission all of his own, and when he learns of technology that may save him from the Zika virus and help him on his ultimate goal (read to find out) – he’s all for the procedure, despite the risks.
Aside from this storyline the quirkiness of the robot Eve adds some humour to the story. The characters that have been with us throughout the series get a good send off too.

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